smc-logoShambhala Mountain Center

Established in 1971 by Tibetan meditation master and teacher Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Shambhala Mountain Center welcomes all people with inspiration, interest and curiosity about the nature of self and society. They are the birth place of this retreat and have supported it through discounts, scholarships and a generous marketing budget. Shambhala Mountain Center offers an oasis for relaxing into basic goodness, rediscovering a sense of balance and appreciating the sacredness of the world. Their vision is one of enlightened society and creating a culture of kindness, generosity and courage.

hemera-foundation2Hemera Foundation

Hemera Foundation is a private foundation founded in 2007 as a twenty-five year spend-up foundation. The Foundation’s programs promote healing, wholeness, and compassion on individual and collective levels; they do this by identifying and providing resources, training, and tools that allow individuals to reconnect with the innate goodness and sanity of the human person. Currently, they fulfill this vision through programs in contemplative practice, early childhood development, education, and the arts.

shambhala-trust-logoThe Shambhala Trust

The Shambhala Trust is an independent group of Shambhala community members who provide guidance and funding to projects that support the creation of enlightened society. We have chosen to use the word “trust” in our name to reflect our genuine commitment to taking responsibility for encouraging and supporting the work that many people are doing to further the vision of enlightened society. The Trust is a growing group of individuals working to support organizations and projects that further this mission.  The Trust seeks to cultivate an understanding of generosity from the Shambhala Buddhist point of view through setting personal examples, presenting teachings, and promoting the creation of Enlightened Society altogether.


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