What People Are Saying


When I attended this retreat the very first time, I was literally almost scared to death.  … what I found was a comfort in feeling so safely and lovingly cared for and that by opening up my mind and my heart to more possibilities than I felt existed, I was able to reset my bearings and continue my life in a more accepting and more peaceful way.  I learned what it was I had to do “next.”
—Ellen F.

I think that when I first got diagnosed, it was scary for me to research and to understand on my own- and going to the retreat not only I got to learn and experience but I did with the help of those amazing  professionals, the best in their field- I can’t tell you how blessed I feel for that!
—Graciella E.

When we have cancer we can lose our feeling of connectedness and humanity.  Sharing with others on a deeper level brings us back to a community and examples of strength and friendship that we can draw upon in times of weakness and self doubt.  This retreat has true value and will hopefully continue indefinitely.
—Stasia K.

What was so amazing was that so many different types of women and from all different backgrounds and with different stories of cancer but yet after the first day we all were united with tears and smiles and laughter.
—Eileen M