About the Retreat

atr-smcShambhala Mountain Center, nestled high in the Colorado Rockies in a serene 600-acre valley surrounded by rocky peaks and pine and aspen forests, provides a safe and supportive setting for the Courageous Women program. Participants have a range of housing options, from dormitory accommodations to private rooms in one of the two gracious lodges. Nourishing and healthy meals are provided.

Healing Forces

This retreat brings together three powerful healing forces. It is grounded in the contemplative arts of mindfulness and yoga, empowered by knowledge and practical information about health and healing from the integrative medical perspective, and nourished by community and shared experience.

Yoga Class

Mornings: Yoga and Mindfulness Practices

The morning sessions are led by Judy Lief and Linda Sparrowe. The morning starts with an hour of gentle yoga, which along with meditation has been shown to strengthen the body’s ability to heal and quiet the mind. Following breakfast, contemplative practices such as mindfulness, loving-kindness meditations, and yogic breathing techniques are introduced as skills that promote personal growth and healing at the physical, emotional, and mental levels.

Victoria MaizesEmpowering
Afternoons: Integrative and Practical Information

Every afternoon, Dr. Maizes presents information on integrative medicine as it relates to cancer. She provides ample opportunity to ask questions and share experiences with cancer treatments, while offering useful insights as to treatment options, alternative therapies, nutrition and lifestyle choices that can aid in healing. Afternoon breakout sessions, each led by one of our faculty, include discussions on sexuality, body image, nutrition, and on making friends with death.

Movement and Dance ParticipantsExpressing
Evenings: Art, Music and Beauty
Evening offerings include having fun with a movement and dance therapist, collectively creating art with our art therapist, and a PJ party to learn about safe cosmetics and skincare while enjoying a goodie bag of fabulous skincare samples from our partners.


Program ParticipantsNourishing
Community and Shared Experiences
We have created a nurturing, safe environment that allows participants to open their hearts, knowing they’ll be accepted unconditionally. To encourage this open exchange, smaller groups are formed that meet together several times during the retreat. These clusters, under the gentle guidance of a trained leader, provide the time and space to share stories and feelings.